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Asthma Specialist

Ormond Internal Medicine

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Every year, 1.8 million emergency department visits and almost 10 million doctor appointments are from people with asthma. More than 25 million Americans live with the disease, 6.2 million of them children, and the numbers continue to grow. It’s the leading chronic disease for those under 18. Internal medicine physician Gail van Diepen, DO, and her team at Ormond Internal Medicine have years of experience in providing ongoing care for children and adults living with asthma. If you’re concerned about asthmatic symptoms, call the office in Ormond Beach, Florida, or make an appointment online to discuss your health care needs.

Asthma Q & A

What is asthma?

Asthma is sometimes referred to as a chronic respiratory disease because it causes the airways to swell up and makes it difficult to breathe. It’s a changeable disease, and those living with it can have severe symptoms one month and almost nothing the next. 

A comprehensive management plan is key to remaining safe and well; even a common cold can quickly escalate into an asthma attack. Common signs of asthma include: 

  • Wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Frequent coughing
  • Tight feeling in the chest
  • Breathlessness 

Ormond Internal Medicine has providers trained in recognizing, treating, and managing asthma. If you regularly experience asthmatic symptoms, make an appointment to see them today.

Are there different types of asthma?

There are several different types of asthma. Here’s a closer look at some of them.

Allergic asthma

Allergic asthma is the most common variant and accounts for 60% of all asthma cases. When someone with allergen-induced asthma comes into contact with a triggering substance, their body releases chemicals that cause the lungs to inflame. Triggers include pet dander, pollen, mold, dust mites, and even cockroaches.

Occupational asthma

Occupational asthma is when someone only experiences asthmatic symptoms when they’re at work because of chemicals and substances they come into contact with. 

Cough-variant asthma

Cough-variant asthma (CVA) is also known as chronic cough, and if caught early enough, it can be stopped before it becomes full-blown asthma. CVA is a non-productive cough, meaning it doesn’t expel an irritant. Steroids open up the airways to prevent it from damaging the bronchial tubes and growing more severe.

Understanding what type of asthma you have is the first step to successfully managing it. Arrange a consultation with a provider at Ormond Internal Medicine to determine what’s causing yours.

Can you prevent asthma?

There’s no way to prevent asthma itself, but with due diligence, it’s possible to lessen the chance of asthma attacks. When patients are aware of their triggers, they can put measures in place to keep irritants at bay, including: 

  • Cleaning regularly
  • Removing pet dander
  • Covering mouth and nose when cold
  • Keeping décor clean
  • Maintaining humidity
  • Using air conditioning

Asthma is a respiratory disease. Without proper treatment and guidance from the team at Ormond Internal Medicine, you can become severely ill. Make an appointment today over the phone or with the online booking tool and stay in optimum health.